Monday, June 18, 2018

CC50 Race Report

You put XT at the helm of his Sprinter, and fill the rest of the seats with FT3, and point that thing towards Nevada, and for damn sure its going to be a good time. We received nothing but the kindest hospitality from the residents of our neighbor state, from Cappy's family friends who hosted us, to the waittresses at Red's Old 395 Grill.

Race day was beautiful, mild temperatures, busting wildflowers, and mountain bikes as far as the eye could see. We each settled into our own pace; Cappy, Nocar, XT, Counselman. We rode at about middle to back quarter of the pack, not fit enough to hang with the shredders (Levi Leipheimer finished 24th), so we were constantly frustrated in the technical sections where all manner of mountain biking ineptitude was on display. No cramping, retching, mechanicals, or missed turns. Everyone finished strong enough to crack a beer at the finish line. All in all a great day in the saddle.

Triple Crown is just around the corner. Gotta keep those handling skills sharp. Is anyone bringing a new bike tonight?