Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Dog Days of Summer

Well, it's definitely heating up in the 'Wood. I'm told they are having an actual "shoot out" up there on Saturday.

I can't honestly say I've looked beyond the title page of the site, but IMHO, I can't see paying $ to share my local trails w/1000 other riders. Especially, if I can ride them unencumbered after dark. Which is what I have planned for this evening.

I hope that our party of 2 J4FT3 riders have (and will share their) stories from last week. Please post pics, if not in violation of the modesty code.



  1. Out but I’m game for a long ride this weekend ? Say strawberry to Kw ?

  2. I too am out tonight, daughter had wisdom teeth removed, poor planning... but I too was also thinking Strawberry-KW this weekend, which day and I prefer an early start. Is the Inn open?

  3. Looks like I’m doing a solo rollo! Dust free for me. Holding out for stragglers though.

  4. I’m in
    Newb is on the fence will know shortly