Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Not at the Knott

Well, my brothers, the time has come. The Knott Hole changed hands, and I was just informed by Mother Rye that there will be no taco Tuesday tonight. And the market isn't even open. Hopefully next week.

We sure have had some good times at the old Knotty, hopefully the party won't stop.

At least for tonight, we are untethered from our tradition, free to ride wherever we want and eat whatever we can scrape together, because nothing will be open.

Not sure what to propose, but I'm IN.


  1. Nice photo summary NoCar. After our meeting with the jolly new owner last week, my taco meter is forecasting a slight chance of tacos in the future. Forecasts have been inaccurate before, let's hope this dry spell ends with tacos coming down like rain.

  2. As for tonight, I will be opting for some easy road miles and an early ride bedtime as I will be out racing CX at Rodeo Cross Tomorrow. I welcome any who wish to join for one, the other or both.

    1. “easy road miles and early ride bedtime “ may not be used on this blog.

    2. Fair enough. I knew I was a glutton for punishment mentioning that.