Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Even as the weather forecast continues to deteriorate, the FT3 fun forecast gets better. Our Knot Lot dressing rooms will include both the Sprinter and the Dolphin! The Man, the Myth, the Legend: B will be joining us this evening. He has heroically maintained a cheerful disposition through this difficult time as he has been forced to not work and go skiing. And the gov't shutdown has gone on for sooo long that he has made it all the way to Pollywood.

The tricky bit is, he didn't anticipate that his mandatory ski vacation would drag on for sooo long so he didn't bring a bike or riding gear. And conditions tonight are not for the unprepared. 

The list of critical items is:

  • Bike: Niner, Nocar or XT
  • Bib: NoHandle
  • Bar light: ???
  • Helmet and helmet light: B
  • Gloves: B
  • Shoes and shoe covers: Nocar
  • Rain jacket: Nocar
  • Rain pants: ???
  • Bottle of whiskey: ???
  • Best attendance for 2018 FT3 shirt: ???

Don't be late.


  1. I’ll drive my rv and set up the awning and turn on the heat. Fire wood ?

  2. I've got some dry wood. Think we might hang out in the parking lot after they kick us out of the bar again?

  3. 4
    I’ve got the fire pan and whiskey packed
    And an extra bar light

  4. RV's, fire, cover from rain? What will B think off all this pampering? I am bringing flat pedals although it sounds as though they may not be required. Could really use some shoe or toe covers if anyone has some spares. 5

    1. I could bring some old shoe covers, but you don't want that much pampering. What would B think?

  5. Just chained up the Dolphin in Meyers, Pollywood-bound now. Can't wait.