Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Ride or Slide?

Fun was had by three riders - ehm, sliders - last Tuesday. With a relatively early start, Nocar, UL, and PC slid out the Qualifier, navigated a couple downed trees, then zigged down a snow-frosted hill. Not exactly earning turns, unless you call a full-stop one-hundred-eighty-degree step turn a 'turn'. That and ass over tea kettle. (Actually, Nocar managed some carving turns; I'm just speaking for myself).

The Knot lot, reduced to a single parking space.

The fun begins.

Some wore bike helmets, another wore a running vest. What the hell is going on here?

Having been warned of a firm 8:30 taco deadline that night due to snow-induced transportation issues, the three returned to the Knot Hole promptly at 8 and change. Too early! The bar was full with eaters and drinkers; Trainwreck was only half drunk. Tacos were phat!

In the meantime, rain melted some of all that snow. Then it snowed again, and we're back to a nice 48" snowpack. If you want to ride, give Cappy a call. Unless Cappy is feeling like some snow play?

I'm in.


  1. I will be heading down the hill with Cappy for a brisk road ride and Mexican meal. I'd like be we wheels down at 6:30 and wheels up at 8:30 allowing for ample time for dinner before close of the restaurant. I can go later. Can't recall the place we at last year in/near old town and was open till 10. Who is in

  2. I'm going to have to go with the slide option tonight.

  3. PS: Does PC only come out on slide events now?

  4. Looks like PC had indeed fully come out from hibernation, in a somewhat ironic mid-winter way. I like it. I hope to execute a ride-n-slide up this way. Commuted to work on the spiked tires and the dog walk is likely to involve XC skis after work. Possible trip to the climbing gym this eve for a trifecta!

  5. I wish the sliders the best of fun tonight. Enjoy the taco meat. A flat lander group is meeting up at 5:45 at Mo Flat park-n-ride to head down the hill for a DIRT ride (fat tires please) and Mexican food after.