Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Dropper Post

Been a whole lot of FT3ing going on since the last post. A Gen2 member was quasi-qualified, there have been some comical crashes

and, most exciting, XT chased a mountain lion down the trail.

Its worth noting that the cat dropped XT, so outrunning is not an option.

The precip may taper off by ride time, but its probably going to be a little slick. For safety's sake, I should ride Cap'n's new bike so he doesn't try and get too rad.


  1. 2.
    Not only did the cat dropped XT, he was the only one who saw the big kitty b/c he dropped the rest of us.

  2. Great post NoCar and well played. Provided my brakes are done, it will be safety first for me. I will need that extra travel to protect me. You will have to ride your B bike, as it appears that XTeric flicking sticks at you has blown your seals.

  3. Does anyone else include "make guest bed" on their Tuesday to-do list?

  4. Nocar, I include that on many night time activities, but I seem to sneak in on FT3 nights but do suffer a kick or two for it.

  5. Out tonight
    Never had to make the guest bed, maybe I need a dropper post to kick me out.

  6. In AF! Guest bed is where I currently sleep due to tanked DTI.


  7. Was in. But then got called down to Pleasanton. Fighting traffic right now, and my GPS eta is all over the place. I’m staying optimistic though.