Thursday, May 23, 2019

LRP Planning

While winter continues, it is bound to end sometime, so it is time to calendar some LRPs.

2019 Early Season LRP Calendar Draft:

Monday, May 27th: Memorial Day on Trail 1: Rock Creek Trail, Monday Meet up - specific details coming soon. Fro is out for this ride, so we need another host or ride leader for this if it is going to happen. I have never ridden my MTB in that area so looking for others to step up. Let's get a count off going for this one in the HCF asap.

Sunday, June 16: Fathers Day Massacre: Gravel Grinder Extraordinaire, HoBo Ride or All the Pollywood Trails?

Saturday, June 22nd: Mother Lode Epic (any interest?)

Saturday, June 29th: Carson City Off Road 50 (is anyone actually going this year?)




  1. Memorial Day LRP at GT does not fit with Lost and Found old guy taper schedule. Other events look interesting.

  2. Out
    Not paying to ride Cronin
    Canceled too much snow