Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Get it while the gettin's good

Sly park trails will be nothing short of perfect this evening. Be there or be pedaling squares!

LRP Planning:

This weekend?

6/16 Fathers Day Massacre: Discussion of hitting all the Trails in Pollywood for 5-6 hours on Sunday June 16th. Early start so we can get home to our families to eat drink and be merry. I propose 7:30 wheels down at the Knott lot.

6/29 I am registered for Carson City Off Road, assuming I am the only FT3er going...unless I hear otherwise, let me know. 



  1. I'll buy your tacos any night you wear the suit.

  2. After tonight, my next ride opening is tomorrow, for anyone who wants to do recovery training.

  3. The Mrs. is out of town on Father's Day, so I have to father.

  4. The Mrs. also put Meyers Bike Fest on the calendar June 22.

  5. 3
    Out for father’s day but in for Meyers fest

  6. 4 and am avail. for father's day ride.