Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not Cancelled Due to Weather

While the FT3 riders are still in disbelief by what occured on the trails last week, not to mention the cancellation of Stage 1 of the Tour of California due to weather... We will, as we do every tuesday, regardless of weather conditions, go for a Tuesday ride. I am not attempting to start a debate about the cancellation of Stage 1 of the TOC, rather, in typical FT3 fashion, I am merely stating that we will go for a ride this week, regardless of weather conditions. I expect we will debate the TOC cancellation either way. Clearly one of our riders will not be making tonight's ride and it is dissapointing to say the least that he is not 'out' due to DTI, or other acceptable conflicting matters.

Some of you will have noticed that the pro roadie, Alex Candelario, who showed up at the Sac Cyclocross series is in the TOC peleton, and holding his own I might add. He finished 12th yesterday. I would like to say it is due to the fact that Bambi, NoHandle, Lars and I gave him a run for his money back in Ione and at Lange Twins last November and December... but I won't.

NoCar's epic bike-themed party was a hit. The junk pile baby sitter was super effective, good call setting that up NoCar. I am impressed by his child awareness and insight, since he doesn't have kids and all. NoCar took the top honors on the day, with Cap'n in a close 2nd, and I believe Bambi came in third, this time with real shoes, but no helmet (recall last year he did the loop in flip flops). Hopefully someone will post the actual times later today.

This is 'yer call out.



  1. Out for the next two weeks due to May conflicts! Just that time of year when things get real busy round here.

    Trail report:
    Wet, wet, wet, and a little bit more wet. Had 8 inches fall on Sunday and steady rain since. The trails will be spotted with snow as a poorly frosted cupcake might look. Pineneedled areas should be solid, dirt will be a slick gooey peanut butter mess.

  2. Glad to see that the blog hasn't been pulled.

    The National Weather Service described tonights recreational conditions at Pollock as "miserable" and "unpleasant".


  3. Bambi indicated via back channel that the blog is not cooperating, and that "due to tonights' weather conditions, he is IN."


  4. Nice blog title Cappy, I like it.
    While I support the decision of the TOC mgmt, I could not help but note that Cross and Mtn Bike races DON'T cancel due to snow. Maybe it is time for the big road teams to travel w/some diff. tires on hand.
    I am in, but If I'm late it is b/c I had to go find my winter clothes in storage - I thought they were gone for the year. Who believes in climate change (Tsunami, Mississippi Floods, Record snow fall, winter weather advisory in May) not me.

  5. PS: Thanks for a great outing NoCar. My boys suggested we start our own junk pile too.

  6. I certainly enjoy hitting a patch of black ice while riding in a pack at 30 mph as much as the nexy guy (as long as the next guy isn't Paul, who rode Stage 1 and Stage 2 on sunday, throwing beer bottles at the team cars).

    Correction to Saturday's podium: She who is not yet handled actually beat Bambi since he failed to properly satisfy the requirements on the out and back section.

  7. Out. Work and Peter are winning out.

    Also, I have some dirt bike maintenance to do before a schedule ride with Dad. He's 73 and still bugging to come up and ride dirt bikes.

    Please don't bucket me in as renegade dirt biker. I actually smile more when riding the dirt bike, not on the rivet all the time and it's similar to going down wedding march 80% of the time.

  8. No worries fair weather RG, you are more likely to be "bucket" otherwise --sorry, couldn't resist that one.
    Cappy, did you see who got 10th today. Same guy who sped the end to my 2010 cross season down at Lang Twins. Just wait till next year Condi'. NOT!

  9. Yes, I saw who came in tenth today. Same guy who came in 12th yesterday. Condi'(is that what we are affectionately calling him now?) has got a shot at at top ten at this point in the race! Levi? Levi who? Didn't see his name on the leader board. Ouch!

    Can't say I am not proud to have been on the race course at the same time as Condi was, even if I wasn't exactly bumping elbows with him.

  10. Wish I could have made it, but I don't have any cold/wet weather gear.