Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Perfect Conditions, Great Riding, Tainted FT3

In perfect spring riding conditions, the riders assembled in the Knott Lot. Trev1 (insert taco handle) showed for a Knott Lot send off. The group of NoCar, who ride up on his CX, NoSauce, NoHandle, Xteric, Cap'n and Rock God assembled their gear and rigs in anticipation of another quality FT3 outing. The only thing missing at this point was Paul. The route took us along the Cap'ns fenceline trail, safely across Sly Park Road to the rocky horse decent. Rock, in typical rock fashion was railing the rock section with his rock prowess. He was all pumped to be out on the dirt. We crossed the spillway and took our typical trails over to fleming for a standard fleming loop. Trails were tacky and rock was railing. We then took Redneck Rising, where NoSauce was challenged to say the name of the trail, and crossed MET for an awesome drop of the right lip. All were having a great time. At the bottom things took a turn for the worse. The group assembled there and a bit of time passed before we were met by a white faced NoCar who reported he went down and landed on his shoulder. I already know he is tough as nails, so it was no surprise that he did not let on to how much pain he was in. NoHandle was the first to offer an escort back to the lot. Xteric followed that up with a kind offer of his MTB for a more plush ride out. NoCar accepted and made a very efficient roll back to the Knott. When we arrived at the Knott lot we were met by C-man who made the late roll up on his crosser. And then Trev1 arrived for the taco part. NoHandle provided NoCar with a ride home, at which point he was to be headed to Kaiser for evaluation by a medical professional. The rest of us stayed for Tacos and were later joined by NoHandle. The fire pit was nice, tacos were good. Discussions were fun but our focus was distracted by the recent tainted events of FT3.

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  1. Bringing the bank-channel frontward. I am considering some EMT training in my future. Despite the somber post-ride nosh, It was nice to see everyone again. Thanks to T1 for the ride home.