Friday, July 27, 2012

Return of our ride leader

Tuesday's ride was great.  RG and Lady Captain met Beans, Councilman and me at the lot for a proper send off.  We were amazed by RG's Di2 set up and Lady Captain's 29er.  Xterric shuttled Nocar up and the shuttled riders were all startled to see our ride leader, Lars at the knott lot with Gold wing, local unknown, Squish (handle not officially given) ready to ride bringing the total to 9!

Lars took the group up qualifier, dropped chopping block to the canal trail, up Hazel creek to a loop around (see maps above on top right area).  Local unknown got a rear flat and I stayed back to make sure everything was safe.  With a quick repair, Local unknown and I met up with the group.  A decision was made to long ride.  Local unknown headed down barnes back towards home while the 8 others headed off to Cappys crossing (is that right?).  We crossed MET headed downhill when all of the sudden, Councilman when down from a rut in the trail.  Councilman's knee and forearm took a beating.  After Cappy's crossing, Lars took us back to MET to drop the left lip.  The ramp on the left lip decent is now completely un-rideable.   At the bottom we headed clockwise around the lake and Lars decided to wrestle with a tree by heading straight in to it but got more hurt than the tree.  We skipped Palins, took a brief swim and headed off to tacos. 

GPS says: 23.5 miles, 3hr 12 minutes, 6k ft of climbing


  1. Nice RR, safety. Lotb was in full form. I didn't see him tackle the tree, but I may have heard it. Lest we forget, I did go for a dip early in the ride. It was a night of folly.

  2. Thanks for the regards Councilman. I totally forgot that you got your feet a bit wet when your handlebar decided to slap the power pole or sign post. Indeed that was another memorable event of the night. I sent out a back channel in regards to tomorrow's Tahoe ride. I'm hoping that at least another FT3 rider could join me.