Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nap Time

Cappy threatened to stop driving carpool if he keeps losing out on ride time. We discussed solutions to the chronically late rollout, and came back to the idea of a "pre-ride". Basically, a standard loop could be ridden clockwise by the early departers and counterclockwise by the later.

Our DRL took the traditional lead and re-qualified himself. Taking up the caboose position, Safety First! hung on to the pack. He was just back from NYC where he had been partying in the clubs until dawn. We dropped chopping block turned left at the flume and climbed asphalt back to Park Creek Rd. Rather than dropping the all too familiar power line trail, Taco Spawn pointed out a new route called "nap time" installed by the creator of skid trail. All agreed that this will be the trail to hit once the rain comes. For now it is loose and fun with plenty of big features. After climbing little used double track we dropped the lower section of the powerline, to boy scout camp trails to a lake CW. We swam at the boat launch and rolled back for tacos.

Taco Spawn shared some of the family secrets for making taco meat, a task he has inherited. As the evening wound to a close, we got to see the difference between FT3ers who are paying customers and those who are members of the royal family. B and I watched enviously as Mr. Spawn stepped behind the bar and poured himself five fingers of rye. The fun didn't stop there. B and I rode to the Pine Lodge. As usual the Pine Lodgers warmly welcomed our arrival on bikes. Chickenbake joined us for the FT3 after party.  Turns out that besides rocking the kitchen she can also rock the pool hall. B was in top form for our games of Cutthroat, and I got a few lucky shots, but Chickenbake clearly ruled the table.  They kicked us out some time after two and we enjoyed a relaxing roll home in the fresh night air.    

Want more FT3? Cappy's got caps.

[Following commentary by added by Cappy] They are approximately $30 and I can get them ordered if you want one, let me know. There are other colors and styles available too, but I wanted to keep it real with FT3 colors. Most of them are pro fit so I will need your cap size. Here is a photo documentary of the process, including the first rendition with ghetto lettering that didn't work out.


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    1. Close down Pine Lodge and who needs that extra layer for the ride home?

  2. Classic late summer FT3. Try that in February!

  3. Tacostrong Nocar! Thanks for the ride report. It was so much fun riding with ft^3 again.