Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10/9 -Bike Messenger Appreciation Day

Six riders were kitting up in the Knott Lot when RG, B, and I arrived. Obviously all of them except for the to-be-qualified rider and Taco Spawn live in the dark ages and are unable to enter a comment on a blog. Or they consider their lives too important to participate in the pre-ride chatter. While we waited for Councilman, Spawn hoisted the PBR flag.

When the question of Ride Leader was poised, RG feared that Spawn would probably claim it and take us out for another long-mile training ride.  So he took the front and started us on a mandatory Qualifier climb. The new rider had no difficulty hanging with the group. From there we dropped the wedding march -which has been mounded with tank traps, to the Rock Garden, CW lake loop, up right lip, down left lip, continue around the lake, then over to Ferrari Mill Road for Lower Fleming to Palins (complete) then back around for a second Palins (top half), to the Knott Lot. No mechanicals, short breaks, and a hard charging Ride Leader got us back to the Knott a little early. After bidding adieu to Partial Credit, and saying salut to Xteric (who had ridden up lower qualifier to powerline, park creek to barnes back then up and down right lip) we headed in for tacos.

The bar was crowded with contractors working on an EID flume repair. Buttons was visibly distressed by having to shove his way through the sausage party. 
Mother Rye and Chickenbake were informed of our need for special catering on the night of March 4th and the following morning. Besides commenting that they like to sleep in late on Wednesdays (who doesn’t?), they said they would get back to us on some menu ideas. 


  1. Great RR Nocar! Thanks for sharing the details of the night. I'm always interested in how the FT3 ride went and what was tabled. Anyone going for a ride around picnic tables this weekend?

  2. There was some grumbling about lights and I have the hookup so here is some information

  3. Although it conveys the disgrace appropriate to repeated pre-taco departures (and a 50% attendance record), I was delighted to be at last spontaneously (unwittingly?) handled post-ride by B himself: Partial Credit. I've got a busy month ahead of me (moving), so it may take me awhile to earn that passing grade before report cards are sent home. Great ride, fellas. Thanks for having me.