Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Waist Deep In the Big Muddy

A team of eight readied in the Knot Lot. Spawn beat the rush to the refrigerator, and send Credit and I back to the Lot to wave the flag. 

Unknown Local accepted RideLeader, and conducted a dense tour of the trails below Qualifier plus an extended mars roving remix. We would have ridden around the entire lake's low water line, but we got cliffed out. Hollered across the lake to a pair of night riding spotters. 

Teacher of the Year award went to Credit. He taught me how to do something that I previously thought myself capable: After changing a tube, I struggled to remount the last bit of tire onto the rim. He plucked the wheel from me, shucked half the tire from the rim, gripped the wheel with both hands close, tucked his thumbs between the bead and the rim, and pulled the bead taught all the way around the rim in a swift gesture with an effortless pop. "I can't wait to get another flat so i can try that!" I exclaimed. Bless my lucky stars, about seven minutes later my tire was flat. At this point I didn't know who was going to start crying first me or Newb. Fortunately RideLeader defused the situation by taking the pack on a short loop. They returned just as I was ready, having successfully popped a tire onto the rim as shown. 

The tacos were an indulgent two fingers of meat deep in good shells along with baskets of chips and mango salsa and Jamaican Pain. The bitches called me nocar. 

If I had a Bicycle
I would ride it in the morning 
I would ride it in the evening
All over this land
I'd ride out danger
I'd ride out a warning
I'd ride out love between
My brothers and my sisters
All over this land.


  1. Thanks for the ride report ChickenWing and B, thanks for adding the photos. It's great to see how the group is doing and to remember those great rides! I've gotta make it up there for another FT3 adventure!