Monday, May 12, 2014

From Ritalin to Relativity

May is Mental Health Awareness month, and if you weren't already privy, an important time to reflect on why we do what we do on bikes. One could argue we ride for sanity, improving cardiovascular fitness, lowering stress levels, etc. Others might argue we have to BE insane to navigate twisted ribbons of dirt and rock under the cover of night. So which is it, are we saving our psyches or indulging our "crazy"?

This, of course, is a subjective inquiry, and one which touches upon the delicate balance inherent in a cycling life. Anyone who has purposely plunged their DTI to get their cycling "fix" can attest to the resulting spousal or other relationship issues, the rising stress levels, and the need to seek another ride to counter the last, and on the cycle (pun intended) goes.

Meanwhile, as we ponder our own place in the pantheon of pedaling pathology, the good folks doing research on the benefits of cycling have added some compelling evidence. According to one source*, cycling can mitigate the effects of ADHD, Parkinsons, and even allowed Einstein to "reflect usefully on emotional troubles". In fact, one author stated riding a bike was like "taking a little bit of Prozac and a little bit of Ritalin". Cocktail, anyone?


So, there we have it. Cycling is scientifically proven to act like a drug, and if you do enough of it, you may find yourself not only on the path to mental wellbeing, but perhaps pondering relativity, as Einstein did aboard his trusty steed.

I'll be pondering Pabst Blue Ribbon, Pain, and Pepperplant tomorrow night. Anyone else interested?



  1. Great call out C-Man. I can't wait for the blow back though. I was fully expecting a minute by minute account of the Folsom TT from Cappy in this weeks call out. Maybe just projecting. Apparently, I've been taking Ritalin for years and didn't even know it.

  2. Oh and I'm uncommitted as of now. All depends on how things go w/work over the next 12-15 hrs on the other side of the globe.

  3. Totally addicted.

    That was an awesome callout Cman.

  4. I'll take the three spot. I also plan on riding up, because I'm a junkie.

    I went on a bender last Sunday:
    Got dropped off in Strawberry, then rode Packsaddle Pass to Silverfork, to MET, to Alder Creek Rd, to Light Canyon, to Mill Creek, to Plum Creek, picked up the ditch, then up to Park Creek and on home.
    The near East of Pollywood is sweet right now.

  5. Sounds like I need a little "bump"
    Skeeter lot

  6. I know it's crazy, but I'm out tonight. Already looking forward to next Tuesday . . .

  7. May is Bike Month, ride your bike for physical and mental health! B was the only FT3'er to represent, he enjoyed a nice ride, including a speedo man sighting, some much better sightings, and a free sandwich to boot. His mental health is sure to be excellent this evening. I am hoping to get up there tonight but definitely not staying for the taco part, hoping for an early departure and pre-ride lake loop.

  8. Going up at 5 to meet Spawn for some pre dirt riding. See you junkies there.

  9. I just heard that one rode over the cuckoos nest.

  10. What's the count. It is now +1.