Tuesday, January 27, 2015


It's that wonderful day of the week, again.  Time to get those lights on their chargers, take a peek at your tubeless set up (unless your No Car) and toss some lube on those moving parts.  As I look at the current weather status, it appears we are looking at a 1% chance of rain at ride time.  Hopefully there will be enough precip to make those awesome trail conditions just a little bit better.  FT3's forecast is 100% chance of awesome.  And with a new 1500 lumen light on my bars, this evenings sunset might be a little later than normal.

Last week went off quite well with a gathering of RG, GreenFro, B, Buttons, Spawn, No Car and myself.  Trails were quite fine with a drop to the lake, some modified reverse 8 action to a really new trail leading to an older new trail back to the first dam. Then an assault on massaged left lip to the lake, up the right lip to the other new trail and finishing with a touch of lake loop.  Not too many issues except GreenFro's brand new light stopped working.  There may have been more shinnanigans that I missed while I was having a grand time shredding my bike, so feel free to add on.

How awesome will tonight be?



  1. I think we may need to rent a dump truck to haul up all of tonight's awesome.


  2. 4, I'll bring some awesome in my pick-up. I used to read a blog written by "sore legs" Fro, Lars and Cappy know the one. That will be me tonight - not blogging but sore.

  3. Yea, saw that site just last night B. could be interesting for Cycling and Backpacking - by interesting I mean great.

  4. What is up w/the new comment format from Blogger.

  5. Yeah that should be great for all of our really, really cold outings.


  6. Out. Still battling the sickness and not ready for prime time. And by prime time I mean food, beverage and all the awesome entailed in an FT3. Godspeed, men! And solid post, Newb!!

  7. In
    Will bring some awesome sauce too. Can drop by mosq lot if anyone needs pickup