Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Skeleton Crew

Facing the dire callout yesterday, I began considering alternative taco plans. But at the 11th hour Spawn and UL confirmed that they were IN.
Without any carpool offers, I was forced to ask my dog if I could borrow his car. He seemed reluctant, so I locked him in his kennel and took it without him realizing.
A moment after I pulled into the Knott Lott, Spawn hoisted the pre-BR flag to full mast.

We lighted out for the near single track, and Spawn looped the Scout Camp trails and some new things, including a redline climb and then the Chopping Block and a bunch of other stuff.
One thing I learned along the ride is that a number of FT3ers, including some HCF abstainers, frequently exchange comments too filthy for this family friendly blog. They use a messaging board called "Strava". Apparently all the cool kids are doing it.

After a proper 18 miles and four hand beers we returned to the Lott,  temps having dropped to frosty.
Taking the corner bar spot, we effortlessly closed the quiet Knott. Everyone got to-go packages of chili, three tier deluxe brownies, and pears. The scene was nothing like last week when;

Taco Turnover

13 riders turned up to shred trails. The funny thing was that the pack was arbitrarily divided into two camps: the short riders and the long riders. No surprise that Lars was a short rider since we was only riding the last half. Or Green Fro whose long suffering hub had finally given up the ghost. Or RG, because he had the sniffles. But, still others concluded that 9 miles was enough, and these riders sat at the taco table together and probably had an ok time. Just as they finished, the long riders returned from claiming the sweetest descent of the evening. After a hurried shuffling of drivers the second taco service started. Highlights include PC casually eating two tacos in two bites.

Don't forget to mark your calendar, February 18th you might be late for work.

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  1. No comments for Nocar's wonderful post ride write up? Well, I certainly appreciate the follow up to the fine night of riding even though I missed out on that prestigious evening. Thanks for the update Nocar and I'm glad your dog (insert handle) was kind enough to loan you the car. Has "Longdog" made a FT3 appearance lately? I've been sifting through the FT3 calendar and noticed it was pretty thin. So, I added America's Most Beautiful ride to it. From back channel discussions, I've heard that some are interested in the Chico Wildflower and Party Pardee... any takers?