Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lars End?

With suitable pomp and ceremony, Lars began a leave from FT3 that may last even longer than his most recent absence. To cement his legacy, a history that earned him the honorary handles Founding Father and Our Dear Rideleader,  after thwarting bike thieves (single-handed on a Tuesday), and basically inventing the uphill crash, now, he has become FT3's first benefactor by donating the Mountain Tek. Whosoever among FT3 needs a mountain bike may ride the Mountain Tek. The price of use is that within a week's time, the bike must be improved. Be that a few drops of lube on the chain or the much needed bottom bracket replacement.

The evening also saw the first successful launch of an Alternate Team. Keds and Streetshorts joined us at the Lot, split off as soon as we started pedaling, and then, as the pack was dropping Qualifier towards tacos, found us again.

Father's Day LRP
Hearing a desire for long riding, but no ride suggestions, I propose:

  • meet at Plasse's on Sunday at 9am
  • ride out Allen's Camp, to Hungawhatever Ridge, to backside Kirkwood, to nourishment at the 7800, up to Thunder Mountain, down Horse canyon, back to Plasse's
  • Plasse's
  • shorter and higher than S-KW 
  • pioneer the Horse canyon Scout Camp trail
Any takers?


  1. Thanks for the post ride write up Nocar! Always great to hear the latest FT3 news! I'm out this weekend, have a great time with LRP.

  2. LRP sounds good. Thanks for the RR and planning NoCar!

  3. I plan on camping at Silver Lake on Saturday night. So, I would be up for riding around 4pm.

  4. Now that we've heard from those who aren't fathers....

  5. The LRP sounded truly grand. While that was going on I had to work a protection detail for the secretary of the interior.