Thursday, June 4, 2015

Still Crazy After All These Years

A rootin' - tootin' good FT3 went down two nights past. The tomfoolery started with the arrival of Lars (Lars!) with his near-defunct Mtn Tek.

B and PC pedaled up, which naturally led to concerns of a prolonged, mid-ride sandwich delay. 
We slayed the exceptional skid trails and whizzed past a new little park section at the bottom.
Hearing that Councilman had ejected over the bars and was performing a post-wreck bicycle safety inspection, Newb decided to try out the new jumps. We rode back up and Newb made a big display of getting everyone off the trail and out of his way. As promised, he got big air off the rise, then landed on his front wheel, the tire burped, and Newb and Soukri went cartwheeling into the bushes. Before we could even finish laughing, he remounted and executed both jumps with grace and style. We continued laughing. After the back to back wrecks, we decided that we needed to chill out and quaff some trail beers. 
Continuing around the lake, we stopped at the first bridge, and convinced Buttons that there were hookers and blow underneath. Boy was he disappointed. 

Then we did more riding, watched the big moon rise, and were uncannily caught by Xteric. 
The family style taco pendulum swung from famine last week to feast this week and the baskets kept passing until all were sated. The early to bed crowd started sneaking out. As we waited to pay, Lars burst back in and told Xteric that his bike had been stolen. A manhunt was launched, and faster than I could order a manhunt beer to go, the bicycle was found in the bushes. The culprit had been at the bar all night, is well known by staff, had attempted to create a subterfuge by warning us of fictitious kids that were loitering by our bikes, and his girlfriend was seen returning to the scene to repossess the stolen property. While this incident ended without loss of steed, and without any FT3ers committing retaliatory felonies, it does bring to light the risk we take by tempting the tweakers of Pollywood with ~$12,000 of unguarded bikes. Probably the craziest thing we do on Tuesdays. 


  1. Wow! What a crazy evening. Thanks for the post ride write up Nocar. I had no idea such events could occur all in one night. But it is Pollywood after all. Glad Exteric found his ride. If he really wanted to let it go, maybe he could pay you to take ownership of it.

  2. That's a risky prank that I expect will have repercussions

  3. Apparently the accused was "black out drunk" and doesn't recall a) scouting the bikes, b) could netting with accomplices outside, c) actually taking said bike and depositing across the street and then d) sending back a pick up vehicle for the stolen booty. Yeah, must have been real hammered...

  4. FYI, this could be Lars last ride with us and I have asked for a chicken bake send off! All in favor?