Tuesday, October 27, 2015

FT3 Begins to Languish

And so it goes, with the movement of Lars, starting of the schools, breeding of wives, the formerly active club known as FT3 begins to languish. There was a time when multiple riders participated in weekly rides, LRPs, cross races, Sunday Road rides. Dialogue on the blog HCF was the peak of one's day, and banter was proceeded by banter setting the stage for tenuous discussions shortened to brevity by the three minute rule and given anticipation until such time that a high number of hard men should gather at a taco table. Will it go on? The great season of drought may give way to El Nino, weather may return, but will the mighty men of FT3? Late in the afternoon on this Tuesday, for the second week in a row, no blog post, no banter. VD FT3 awaits us. But will we be there to accept our duty of long riding and late taco'ing? Or shall the rest of us go the way of Lars and the Scouts?

Thou shall not take part in the answer to the great call of FT3, at least not on this Tuesday. Go forth and do work busy FT3ers! Do the work of hard men! Ride your bike cycles diligently into the forest!
Your carbon fears you and your rad abilities and non-sensibilities. Go forth men, do work, 3,000 feet minimum, 20 plus miles, a light should burn out in the hopes that one shall still be burning at the mighty Knott. Do not languish men, answer the call.


  1. Here Here Cap'n Cappy. I report to duty.

  2. And, thanks to Cappy' advice, I got a great albeit flat ride in on Sunday and even had some very pleasant and friendly competition on the road back from Auburn.

  3. I'm expecting no mud, no dust, high humidity, nice cloud cover, possible drizzle and some company tonight. Who will it be. Oh and I'm in for VDFT3 is it too early for a call out. Plan on a camp out.

  4. After a three hard days of partying, i didn't think I would be able to make it tonight. But, then our server had an accident at work and I'm home early.


    1. I look forward to hearing about the Hangtown Halloween.

  5. Love those accidents.


  6. Out. Have to back out from verbal commit during NoCar no car rendezvous, duty calls.

  7. In. Sadly the knot ownership will be exchanged soon as well.

  8. Out. But then my absence has been consistent. One of the unforeseen challenges in my new profession is the prevailing desire for after-work appointments, groups, etc. Working folk including 1% ers all want 5-8. Alas, there is daylight, and when the ground is good and saturated, nay covered in a layer of white stuff, I shall return. I've heard such rumors about the knot. Pray the new mgmt is ft3 friendly, or it'll be peanuts at the Pinr Lodge!?!?