Wednesday, March 30, 2016

State of the Trails Address

A merry seven assembled at the Knott Lott. Jr. dutifully assumed the RideLeader mantle and led us on the classic Pacific House route. Soil moisture provided grip and spring in such perfect measure a hard man could weep.
The hallowed trail builder has started sketching out some new curves on Chopping Block. We rolled the industrial features of the EID ditch and made a quick line for the riotously reckless descent to the old Brockliss Bridge site. All party intact, we finished the whiskey and beer and didn't share any of it with the cattle.
Nap Time is running angry these days. Hostile angry. The landings of the log drops have been excavated. The first casualty resulted from cautiously approaching a log drop, sticking the front wheel in a hole. A few bold riders attempted the lower half. XT nearly drowned in the creek crossing.
We were Motherless at the Taco Table and the Bitties were upbeat. Prepper became Golden Boy. His single rye order was poured to the brim.


  1. Wow Prepper what are you tipping in ?

    1. just my rugged good looks. ever since I stopped shaving and getting haircuts, chicks have been all over me

  2. Haha. Golden boy! In, should be good. In other news its SS FT3, which is good because I cracked the superfly on Sunday during some jumping. Those trails are angry!

  3. Your not using the right tool for the job Newb. Stop buying diapers and get an enduro steed.

  4. Only 2pm?!? Why does time slow the closer it gets to Tuesday night?

  5. Orphan and are in.
    Three more hours to kill