Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Now You Say It

The party started early, with Orphan driving up in the Euro van, picking up riders along the way. With surprise appearances from Spawn and Partial Credit, our ranks swelled to eight riders.
The denizens of Strava will note our circuitous route that maximized sweet downhills. Newb cursed his SS the whole way.

True to his handle, PC left before tacos. Spawn also departed early, but in a grand gesture before he left he grabbed the bottle of rye from behind the bar and liberally poured shots. On top of that we ate up the cheesy chili and chips and cooled the hot sauces with dollops of sour cream.

The first official 2016 FT3 LRP is calendared for April 17. 8am rollout from Fro's house. He decided that the tires were too skinny on the last ride he produced, so this one will stick to the steep and loose trails of the Rock Creek OHV area.


  1. Nice write up Nocar. I would also like to add BBQ post ride and I will provide the beer, potatoes, and open grill so bring your meat for the bbq.

  2. Hey Buttons, now you tell us to bring our meat.


  3. Ah Darn, I'll be out to town that day. Have a great long ride!! ... And nice write up Nocar!