Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dregs of Winter

What say yee FT3'ers? With abundant snow coverage on the trails of Pollwood, and the great ski supplier up in the north state slaying pow, what say yee? The dregs of winter have stricken now more than thrice, what say yee? Ride the pow as best it will allow, or take the bikes into the downtown? Branch out to A-town, or hit the trainer on the low down? What say yee? As for me, I am out, you all need to figure it out.

The count holds at Nil.


  1. Out unless someone can produce a bb92x30mm push press

  2. Ouch, what a dismal showing on the FT3 front. I hope some hearty fools put on a show tonight. I take personal blame for the overall diminished attendance of the FT3 brethren. For this I will pay my penance. I make my annual trek to the south lands for the Solvang Century (eh: half this year) and then after a short stay south, I pledge my return, to welcome the returning light. Spring is coming lads.