Wednesday, July 5, 2017

2017 FT3 Kit Order

With the formal FT3 retirement of "Retired Guy" I have been handed over the immense responsibility of ordering your kits. That being said I get to make some decisions related to the next kit order. I have ordered a fit kit and it should be present in time for next Tuesday's Ride. Here is the breakdown of what we will be trying on:

Summit Bib and Jersey: These are the updated versions of the super expensive and high end kits that we had in black (jersey $104, bib $159)

We are going to add a new product offering with this order, the Ascent line:

Ascent Jersey, $89 and Bib $89. We will also have an offering for a Continental short or bib at $69 and $74 respectively.

I am hoping that we will be able to order either jersey in blue or black,  staying with black and white shorts/bibs all around.

Must meet a $1,000 minimum to change kit design. So changes to design will be dependent on how much product we collectively order.

So, now is the time, declare your desires here in the HCF. My order is indicated below, please use the same format:

2 Continental Short - Black
2 Ascent Jerseys (one blue one black)

Spread the word, the kit order will be placed by the end of next week. 4 week turnaround time after that.

Kudos to XTeric and one other for riding on Tuesday July 4, keeping it real.


  1. Thanks for taking on this immense burden Cappy. I will probably get one of the super expensive bibs and one of the lesser jerseys if we get new graphics. Will we have samples of the different product lines to inspect?

    1. Out I have to work. Perhaps I can somehow try on kits for sizing ?

  2. In
    Thanks for taking this on Cappy. Can't wait for s new kit.

  3. The kits will be there tonight to try on. If you can't make it tonight then you will need to make arrangements with me to come by some evening and try them on. I plan to send them back on Friday so we can get the order processed. So far there are only a few people who have told me they want kits. If more don't step up this week, it's not going to be worth it. Spread the word...

  4. I'll take a kit, likely a size L top. I needed XL bibs with the Summit line though large was adequate in previous versions. I would like to get some fit kit feedback from other riders (preferably those with generous backsides) before picking a bib. Is there a design already if we update the graphics? More PBR logos - I like people thinking that maybe, just maybe we get paid by that beer company to ride bike. Have fun this evening, wish I was positioned to join!

  5. Out for ride but in for 1 Medium Ascent bib short. Can Paypal you or drop off payment at location if your choice. Ride on!