Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Fresh Meat

Rolling nine strong last week, dust avoidance measures were critical. Which caused some concern when Cap'n insisted on taking the helm. However, he dutifully led the classic Brockliss ride, which was mysteriously littered with abandoned cars.

The Taco Table narrowly avoided a crisis. Mother Rye had to rush from her dinner party at the Governor's Mansion when she heard that the Taco Meat had run out before FT3 arrived. Just in time she whipped up a batch, but she swore she would never do it again. Next time it will be meatless tacos. Just as long as we get fries...

What's in store for this evening? Only one way to find out.  


  1. Out. Family duties tonight. Have a good ride, and taco recklessly

  2. Out. Wifey birthday dinner. DTI op. Give my regards to the bittiesehen you order extra fries!

  3. F in Lady GaGa! Wife going with friends. I have the little ones.

  4. My insistence to ride lead was a personal send off. I am out for approximately 14 weeks on account of travel baseball, save the rare tuesday or two that may occur during that time period. See you dudes after Thanksgiving. On the flip side, I will still be riding on Tuesdays, and your kit orders are progressing.