Tuesday, August 29, 2017

More Crowns

FT3 made a strong showing at the Meyers Mountain Bike Festival this past weekend.

It wasn't a race, but if it was, you would have seen those same faces smiling on the podium. We would have rolled across the finish line family style, all sharing first place, of course. Consensus was that the ride was so easy, next year we would have to include a fourth crown, ascending Old Lincoln Highway and dropping Hawley Grade.

Don't forget to order your kits. The store is OPEN.

password:  team_3926
Hot and Dusty tonight.



  1. Kids soccer kept me from riding the crown but not from the beer garden. Good to see FT3 representation. In for tonight's dust sweat and tears

  2. Nice work on the 3crown. I'm out tonight, been gone the last week and I want to sleep in my bed not on the couch.