Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Will Be A Great Year for Riding

For FT3, every year is a great year for riding. Since this year will be extra special, because it is the current year, let's start by listing some intentions for the new year. Riding intentions. A couple things I am targeting for this year are as follows:

Carson City Epic

Sully 100

Tahoe Triple (FT3 Quadruple) Crown (August 2018)

If I can make it, I hope you will join me. Or go without me, cause these will be great events. 

And, back in 2017, we got new kits, this is what they look like when you race cyclocross in them (Photo Credit Jeff Namba):

Fast and loose like my bro brah friends. 

In 2018, will Larz return to take on the trees?

If not, XTeric will!!


So let's toss one back to our good friend B, and get on with it, it is 2018. 



  1. Is there a connection you your buddy, Sully? If not maybe Sully Sullenberger, the other Captain?

    1. Yep the Sully 100 race is dedicated to my college roommate Sean Sully who has done over 40 - 24 hour solo races.

  2. Don't forget the Tahoe Quadruple Crown.


  3. 3 - nice post up Cappy. Last dusty ride of the winter tonight - just saying

  4. Out with a cold. Dust in January so sad. I hope B is having a good winter in Montana.

  5. Out
    In Santa Barbara, happy new year.
    Can’t wait for some LRPs