Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Widespread Haze

How often does the weather forecast also work as a ride report summary?

Reaching back two weeks was the prime July 3rd Tuesday. Since attendance was low, its worth a recap. Newb and I did the Full Ride. Leaving straight from our homes on bikes, we took the scratchy route up to Pollywood: 8 Mile Road to FT3 Road to Ridgeway Court to Ridgeway across Sly Park Road to the trails up to the Radio Tower to Nap Time etc... to the Knott. The place was packed and we got a few looks in our kits, and comments about our early arrival, it was only 9. But, it wasn't taco time, yet. We picked up a few beverages from the market and retreated to our familiar spot under the cedar. Refreshed, we hit more trails that were remarkably dust free to low dust. And with only two riders, it really didn't matter. Back at the Knott we sat at the bar. A grim asshole sitting next to us got pissed that we were behaving so familiarly with the taco staff and told us that locals didn't like our attitude and we could step outside to discuss it. Newb and I were dumbfounded. Fortunately, staff quickly pointed out that we were waaay more local than him. Then he wanted to be our friend, which was worse because he kept shoving videos at us of him training people in MMA. As the Knott closed he tried to get us to load up with him and go to the Pine Lodge. Hell no. After quaffing a complimentary booze ball, we got back on the bikes. Rolling past the Pine Lodge we hollered out to our new least favorite friend who was waiting for us outside.   

Some interest has been shown for repeating the Full Ride format, as an easy way to get miles while staying off the dust. Although, it sounds like last week's riders also consumed a big serving of miles. RideLeader Councilman cooked up some grand plans that left everyone ride satisfied.

RG recently picked up some dirt candy. Maybe he's ready to return to the warm bosom of FT3. And back channel chatter about long rides will be the hot topic at the Taco Table.