Tuesday, December 4, 2018

All the Dirt That's Fit to Shred

Last week saw us comically over-ready for adverse conditions. We pulled rain jackets on over layers of shirts, donned boots and shoe covers, and hopped on our mud bikes equipped with fenders. Except it didn't rain and was quite mild.

This week may be the same, with a "chance" of a couple hundredths of an inch of precip and temps well above freezing. We should be able to find a few lingering drifts to keep things sporty.

We addressed the current taco bitty's thin tacos, so expect meatier servings. And the owner is still forbidden from showing up on Tuesday nights, so we got that going for us.



  1. Sly Park weather cam showed a decent amount of snow when last viewed this morning. I would bring those shoe covers tonight. I am out. My cyclocross racing son and I will be on a road ride to prepare for this weekends Sac CX double header.

  2. In. Will be driving straight from work. See you at the Knott Lot