Tuesday, November 27, 2018

45% Chance of Radness

As any true FT3er knows, weather is never a factor.

Nonetheless, those of us who wish to enter the mountains, at night, in the dark, on bikes, in the winter this evening will be watching the hourly updates, hopeful they will trend in our favor. Who has stood in the lot with mounds of gear, anticipating torrential rain, and cold temps... when much to our surprise, the sky's part and our ride window opens to a bright moon and the warmth of an inversion layer rest upon us like a mother's bosom.

Remain hopeful friends, only a few hours and climate phases stand between you and the most shred ready trails, or the need for a rain jacket.

If you need additional reasons why you should be riding tonight, consult the all knowing bike radar, who can offer ten reasons why you should ride in the rain: https://www.bikeradar.com/gear/article/10-reasons-why-riding-in-the-rain-is-awesome-47896/

But then, who really knows if we will have to ride in the rain tonight?


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