Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Don't Forget Your Bike

Poor Unknown Local groaned when he lifted the tailgate on his minivan last week. He had loaded his front wheel, but no bike. As none of us brought a spare, he hightailed it back home. Though, Fro was still the last one ready.

Tonight promises perfect riding conditions (again): grippy dirt, bright moon, temps in the 40s, no rain, and tacos as fat as your tires. 


Full set from the January 2012 winter classic with lots of helmet free pedaling: https://photos.app.goo.gl/QEEPfB7b6kX3idjE9


  1. Bike on top, front wheel in. Shoes, helmet, warm clothes, check. Oh, lights. Yes, on the charger (don't forget them). TWO! I want to make fun of UL but I once forgot my front wheel on a trip to Tahoe. I recall forgetting a helmet once or twice as well. Haven't forgot the bike yet but there is still time!!

  2. 3 - I'll try to remember everything. Fitness will be in short supply however.

  3. Too funny. I have spaced many items, but not quite the bike itself. I’m out for tonight. Bummed to miss the perfect conditions, but UL and I sampled on Sunday. He has pics of a ghostly graveyard of latticework up past the skid row heading to barber chair. We scouted somenild/potentially recoverable trail. Enjoy!

  4. Out, but I did pedal spiked tires on my commute today and am enjoying an Anchor 2018 Christmas Ale right now. Not really a substitute for FT3 but it’s something. Revisit the post if you want to see a Helmetless Captain and some other pics ...

  5. In
    That was classic, UL. Nohandle maybe we can borrow some of Counselman’s fitness tonight