Tuesday, December 3, 2019

What a White Tuesday

Epic White Tuesday. A completely novel riding surface: fluffy, untracked snow piling quickly on top of dry, dusty dirt. Very shreddable.

The taco session was punctuated by wind gusts that tried to steal our shelter, and we narrowly avoided a tent fire when a flurry of snow hit the stove and grease burst into flames.

Good times!

Tonight should be mild and wet from snowmelt. Who's IN?

Looking ahead, Mrs. Nocar let me know that I would NOT be able to ride on Tuesday, December 24. As I am probably not the only one in this situation, how about A Fat Tire Taco Thursday that week?


  1. I'm counting NoCar's "Who's IN?" as a "One"
    therefore "Two"
    conditions won't be nearly as good tonight as last week, way too warm, not enough wind or snow but still worth it.