Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today's Call Out

Yes there will be a ride, but more importantly I wanted to say:


The help over the weekend and last were huge, the family and I are in debt to the brotherhood and will pay back soon!

I am out tonight,

Until We Ride,


  1. Bambi is out. I will be in Crescent City swilling PBRs and missing the trails.

  2. Bambi, could you swing into Gold Beach and tell my mom I said hi? thx.

  3. TWO.

    It's cross/SS night, no?

    Anyone in for the roll up from p-ville?

  4. 3. No can do the roll up from p'ville.
    It is freestyle SSFT3/CXFT3 tonight.
    I'll be on a crosser.

  5. Out tonight. I've finally got the TT bike locked and loaded to get one session in before Friday's Cyclebration TT section of the Road Omnium; Criterium Saturday, Circuit Race Sunday.

    This will be the last road race weekend of the year, it's been a long season, actually one continuous one.

    Time to reset for Cyclocross season.

    Also, I may be doing a Downieville trip 17th, 18th & 19th, let me know if anyone is interested; I can lead a ride on the top notch Lavazolla Creek Trail.

    Have fun boys. Keep the rubber side down.

  6. Just to add to the multi-pronged FT3 participation in Cyclebration, I signed up for the decidedly non-competitive century ride.

  7. Will not be making tonights ride.....I may however be doing the practice TT (like rock god) for prep for nextweekends omnium.

    Have fun tonight!

  8. Does this mean you guys will be sporting the whole aero bar, disc wheel, funny helmet ensemble?

  9. ha ha.......hell no. Maybe a PBR in back pocket though!!!

  10. I may have a PBR in my jersey pocket tonight.

  11. I've got the whole ensemble, including new matching skin suit. I'll try to get a photo and send it to the FT3 Round Table for some good make fun and fodder in my absence. I have to admit, this TT setup is the pinnacle of poser.

  12. I just got word from B that he will be joining me for the ride up. We'll be at the knott lot before you can finish a preBR.

  13. To the three other riders for the evening: Take your time in the Knott lot, for one I ran into the XTeric wife and she said he is 'in' and two, I am going to be running a bit late cause I have to take a quiz immediatly after work. Should not hold me up too bad but I appreciate any innefficiency you can provide in the lot. I am not stopping at Mosquito for efficiency on the drive up and cause it sounds like there won't be anyone there anyway. B just called to say he is riding up.

  14. "Pinnacle of Poser"

    Glad you said it, RG.