Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Midweek Morning Analysis!

After the dust from NoHandles crash settled, the general analysis is that this was one of the finer FT3 outings in recent memory!

The ride started with a rendezvous at the Knot Lot. I have to admit the easy roll to FT3 outings from the new house is pretty darn nice. NoHandle is coming in on the back roads and the rest of the crew B, NoCar, RG, Bambi, and Cap'n all arrived via a traditional Highway 50 route. As for tradition, we stop there.

Break From Tradition #1:
Along with water bottles, extra tubes, some food and other rides utilities, Cap'n rolled out of the Knot Lot with an axe in hand. The "Johnny on the Spot" ranger at the booth didn't even look up from the computer monitor to acknowledge this odd riding tool. We had a quick roll to the infamous stump and then let loose the terror FT3 style. Fueled by the power of Greyskull, we went fully medieval (there literally was a stoning of the stump) on that stump! In the end we refrained from an subterranean excavation, but left the area totally rideable as tested by B.

Break From Tradition #2:
We hit a new trail last night. After a few home based outings with my eyes wide open, I am starting to find some new trails. The Butcher Block did not disappoint last night. A good new single track trail taking us down to the Flume from Park Creek! As with most trails this time of year it is starting to get really loose and washouts are guaranteed, especially if your name is Lars. It is good to know B had my back was quick to announce to everyone that yes is was indeed off the bike and standing on the trail!

Break From Tradition #3:
I guess based on the last few outings this might be a new tradition that needs breaking. I was happy to see NoHandle smiling at dinner and able to move. That might be different today? He went down and down hard! Careful out there, CX season is right around the corner! As NoHandle stated himself, I think it is very fortunate that no major injuries occurred. Way to HTFU and get back to the Knot!

Totally on Tradition:
Xterric's late arrival put him on the trails alone searching for us. The beacon of light was bright and he found us at the back of the lake for a glorious reunion.

Break From Tradition #4:
Anytime you want to make this a new weekly element I am all game! RG made good last night with the team. Treating all of his domestiques to 4-2-1's and round two! After a fabulous season of racing, in proper team leader fashion, RG returned all winnings back to the team! The mood that this good will gesture created was one of the most festive I can recall at the taco table. THANK YOU!

From there we had a great night of laughs and stories. B read a complete history of He-Man and his empire. I think I will leave it at that.

Until we Ride,


  1. Here is the He-Man Stump Smashing Video.

    I expect this to explode in the YouTube universe. :-)

  2. Nice write up lars, you captured the essence of the evening well. Thanks all for humoring me with the stump destruction. It was a worthwhile trail maintenance effort. A manly one at that. One might even say he-manly.

  3. Here are the CX results from cyclebration, you'll notice some familiar names:

    Men's A's 35+

    First Name Last Name
    1 Jeff Mitchell
    2 John Mundelius
    3 Josh Hughes
    4 William Youngman
    5 Keith Jordan
    6 Curtis Fowler
    7 Joe Miller

  4. Dude, I just saw the headline on Yahoo, "Stump Stomping Cyclists Dazzle Web"

    20 views already.

  5. Tango is progressing nicely. We are
    Preparing for demo performance at a local venue (tbd). Next week we'll have a classmate film for study purposes. Will send along shortly. Here's a link to a
    Viddy of our instructors.

  6. I especially like how the title of the post secretly references some of the taco conversation. A midweek morning what?

  7. Thanks RockGod for the link to the video. It looks like everyone is having a great time. Every Tuesday I always think to myself, "I should be riding with FT3!"