Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Solo Wandering in the Woods

So I was good to my claim of .6 and headed out from the house a tad late in an effort to meet the rest of the crew. An earlier phone call with Cap'n gave me the route de jour and I was confident I could get the job done. I must say the rolling out of the driveway and within 10 minutes hitting dirt was a pretty special moment for me! Once on dirt, I dropped the Qualifier, headed around the lake loop, climbed the left lip (thought I saw lights but was wrong), got out to MET and then headed out Bonetti. It was at this point that I lost my way. Cap'n had stated that the route would be Flemming to Redneck to MET to Cappy's Cash and out Bonetti. Try as I might, in the dark and alone I just could not find the connection from Bonetti the super steep part of Cappy's Cash. I sat in for awhile to try and hear if anyone was coming, when it dawned on me; "I am all alone, at night, in the dark, way out here on Bonetti, and I have seen some interesting folks camping out this way before"! So, I started to ride again. I am not too proud to say I think I was moving pretty fast, actually I was flying and well aware of every snapped twig for a 10 mile radius, yeah, I am a bit of a scaredy pants (very different than P3). I climbed back up to the top of MET on trails and then dropped Rufus to the lake and headed for the Knot Hole...when a light caught the corner of my eye. Yes, there is was again! Off yonder way was the distinct flicker of four lights weaving in and out of sight! The Brotherhood had been found! My search was going to lead to a reuniting with FT3. I turned heal and headed back on the lake loop and in short time met up with B, Xteric, Councilman, and Cap'n. They had done the above listed loop and then headed done the Lip and home via the Lake loop...there was some yo-yoing on the horse trail and Palins prior to the Flemming attack. A swim was had by some, I declined as I was still wearing arm was kinda cool!

Tacos were plump and greasy and the rye was smooth! Sauce selection was plentiful and I reek of garlic today!

I am in need of a 56 road bike for the weekend for pops to ride? Anyone have a willing offer. He has refound the fitness bug and recently did a long multi day Oregon Coast ride...I was hoping to send him up MET if I can find a bike.

Until we Ride


  1. Indeed, it was a joyous reunion on the final leg of the lake loop. We tried in vain to find LOtb out on Bonetti. Discussions were had, safety foremost among them, and we determined we too should not be seeking further adventure so far from the comfort of tacos and rye. It was asked whether we were to meet Lars up at Kirkwood, given the lengthy road ride up MET. In the end, all enjoyed a starry night, and some awesome trails. That last singletrack downhill, with it's narrow/steep turns, was off the chain. More please! The Yo-Yoing referenced above proved to be a good primer for 'cross season. Shouldering an MTB isn't quite the same, but good training nonetheless. Thanks to Cappy for proper route selection and execution.

    Next Tuesday, the wife and I begin round 2 of our foray into Argentine Tango. That said, I will be out for 2 months. Demo's will follow, perhaps made better for the additional training. Will see all/some of you in the interim, but will miss the FT3 adventure.

  2. We need to determine the ratio of increasing steepness and narrowness that we observe on Cappy's Cash. Such a ratio might be known mathmatically as the FT3roum.

    Safety was indeed a theme last night. Beginning with Safety First's wise choice not to venture into the woods alone, to Lars' choice too venture into the woods alone. If it isn't dangerous, it isn't fun, right?

  3. With respect to the podium selections, I think.......Oh, never mind. Yes, cache is the correct term. However, given the perilous and primal scream-inducing nature of said descent, I believe Cappy should get some cash for sharing that little gem. I hope the aforementioned students are also exposed to the FT3roum, as this is an important component to their foundation in science and mathematics.

  4. Sometimes a prompt write up eliminates the ability to spell/grammar check. Furthermore, even after careful examination, I am prone to the grammar gaffe. Cache or cash, you pick.

    Thanks to RG for the bike loaner, pops will appreciate the ride.

    The nothing to be seen here event info will be forth coming. Podium girls will be...well I am sure we can have podium girls. Mark your calendar with a big "?" for Oct 2.

  5. Let's not forget that your calendars are already marked for Oct 16th.

  6. Notable and important for the hidden comment field was the introduction of the "MVR."

    The MVR, or Most Valuable Rider of the evening receives, at this point, the last bit of sweet sauce left in the last bottle and an 'It's it' delivered to them but not paid for ~ like it or not.

    Of course, like everything dynamic that is FT3, the merits and awards of the MVR are subject to variation at future FT3 events.

  7. LVR, now that is an interesting concept.

    In the event that pops is not a fan of ti litespeeds, he can always borrow my fixie, the "Rover 5."

  8. Oh, the purple BMX and Trek 820 SS are typically available as well. Be sure to call first on the BMX, an outing on that is definitly on tap for the weekend.

  9. Is anyone still blowing up the hidden field?
    Pops can borrow my 3D 56cm as well if he finds Ti too hi-falut'n.
    Oct 16th: Trail work party at my house. You will be fed and watered (so to speak). Details to come but I hope to make it a 1/2 work party followed by a second 1/2 family party w/racing (ala NoCar's event) and the food and drink part.

  10. Minivan, oops I mean Councilman - my email has Tango lessons going off each Thursday evening what gives?

  11. Ah, you are on the list. You and Debbie should try out the Thursday class. Its the intro, so 2 left feet are ok. Mel and I are moving to the advanced class (not that we are any good), and that is held on Tuesdays :( Tough call in that I love tacos. However, the DTI has improved since we started. Lord knows I can use help on that front...

  12. Sir Councilman - Tango Tuesday's for DTI, I can go along with that, for 2 months anyway; you should have the DTI built up for first rains and CX season.

    BTW - I pick up the trailer today, and it's actually being viewed as a DTI enhancer, gotta love my better half. :-)

  13. Here's the full Sac CX Schedule - Best 6 of 8 Races

    October 2010:
    Saturday, 9 - Del Paso Park, Sacramento
    Host: Mad Cat Bicycles

    Sunday, 24 - Howard Park, Ione
    Host: Sharp Bicycles

    November 2010:
    Saturday, 6 - Lembi Park, Folsom
    Host: Team Revolutions

    Sunday, 21 - Lange Twins Winery, Acampo
    Host: Kinetics or Team City

    December 2010:
    Saturday, 4 - Condon Park, Grass Valley
    Host: Tour of Nevada City Bike Shop

    Saturday, 18 - Lange Twins Winery, Acampo
    Host: Kinetics or Team City

    January 2011:
    Saturday, 8 - Laguna Del Sol, Wilton
    Host: Mad Cat Bicycles

    Saturday, 22 - Willow Hill Reservoir, Folsom
    Host: Bicycle Planet