Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nov 2

For lack of a ride report and a set of weeks with weak blog updates I feel compelled to write about something. Outside of the bike, politics seems to be an interesting topic these days. Interesting in the sense that I am a bit confused when I inevitably see the litany of adds running right now for one candidate or another. No one is immune this time around to name calling, finger pointing, bullying and down right acting like a 1st grader. If half of the things said about the incumbent candidates are true, shame on us for electing them. If half of the what is said about the challengers is true...look out! Its either all true, or we are surrounded by powerful people willing to lie over and over again. Either way, kind of goes against the value system we try so hard to build in young people!

Let me use FT3 for a bit of political perspective. There are gears, shocks, fat tires, skinny tires, V-brakes, disc brakes, calipers, carbon, steal, aluminum, and a slew of other options that compose the choice spectrum in cycling. Additionally as the blog states, you are going to be riding, is just a question of which bike that will be on. To that end, no rider is dragged through mud for showing on a steed that doesn't meet the FT3 belief system. No, my friends, we firmly believe in freedom of cycle! Be it a Penny-farthing or a unicycle, if you show and want to ride...actually, show up in your running shoes and go out for a loop, just show up!

I don't want more yelling and screaming in my life, unless of course you are crashing, and are therefore required to scream out like my four year old daughter, as to help us find you, I want mature perspective, judgment, and poise. Therefore, come election day, I will vote, I always do, I feel guilty if I don't, but when forced to pick between immature yelling and screaming and the voice of reason...I am writing in FT3!

Today we conquer the trails, tomorrow the world! You will notice that we are not conquering the local CX scene because outside of Cap'n and I no one else seems willing to race? What gives! Oh, but TGFT3 seems like a great idea for our second annual national convention!

With a perspective I am Lars!

Until we ride


  1. Once again the FT3 blog rolls strong.
    It is thoroughly impressive to see politics and FT3 made into an analogy (the author deserves Kudos). As well, the Strawberry-Kirkwood trio was an amazing slideshow...Now that is riding!
    Always reading and still earning my kit.


  2. Hey Lars, last minute notice but I'll be out running the trail again today at a little past 5 (same run you saw me last time).