Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Go Ride Your Bike!

I am out...busy day!

Kirkwood CX was a real test of fitness and strength...I failed! Cappy took 2nd and showed he is ready to man up to the A's this year! Spot on mate. I hit the trainer last night and will be ready for a better showing later in Oct. Rock took some great photos but has some crazy security on them so I can't post them, but here is the link
So get out there and ride my friends, ride like the wind, ride like it's what you do for a living, ride hard, especially if you plan on racing A's, ride really hard, because 60 min of CX racing is a killer.


Mosquito at 5:45...Exit 54?

Still a question mark for tacos...
Until we Ride


  1. Doesn't riding hard get uncomfortable?


  2. Wow, what a ride, B you did it again...another cover shot, actually two or three in there were worthy. I will work on the formatting later. That is hands down the best trail side wrenching I have ever seen! Frankenbike to the rescue!

  3. I am out tonight, I will be doing my duty at the City Council meeting.

    Nice photo log B. I am extremely curious about the buildings and the night shot of the covered phone booth. Way to take one for the team NoCar, looks like you had to rock a whole lot of that ride with a tiny chainring.

  4. The night shot was taken by B after he purchased post-ride refreshments at the strawberry market.

  5. THREE!

    Just juggling work, dogs and bike preparation.

  6. i think Nohandle said he would be gone this week.

  7. Four! I will drive myself to the knot lot. B, you will be repeating that ride before winter and I will be on it.

  8. I want to do the ride too. When is the question. A friday would probably be the best option for me, not sure if that works for anyone else tho.

  9. I have at least 1 Friday a month off, so I'm game for one of those dates. Looks like the makings of an FT3 Epic redux!