Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Honey, where are my arm warmers?

Yup my friends, if you haven't dug them out yet, it may be time to find all your winter cycling clothing and get ready for a seasonal change. It was 33 when I left my house this morning and this odd crunchy, off-white, crystally stuff was all over the ground, Hmmmmm odd.

With near 5.5 inches of rain falling over the weekend, I would say that trails will still be muddy and wet tonight! This will be intertwined with moments of perfection on the areas that drained well. All in all, it will be a cool, fast, fall ride, worthy of an FT3 stamp of approval.
B and I took a road ride yesterday and thought about all the possiblilities for the AGFT3 that is the All Ghouls FT3. Costumes anyone?

Thanks again to B from coming out and getting some photos of the CX race on Sunday. I must admit, it is pretty cool to line up with a few teammates, even if you get shelled, and see FT3 colors out there on the course. If any of these new fangled polliticians need a lesson in "grassroots" all they need to do is come see FT3 in action! Season standings are starting to stack up (how is that for some alliteration!). Nov 6 and 7 are your next opportunity to get some racing in your legs.

Until We Ride,


  1. Two.

    Super warm, water proof cycling gloves are on sale at bikes plus.
    It might be time to switch from the dry weather chain lube to something that can hold up to the pollywood mud.

  2. I'm out. I'll be doing my first post illness ride this afternoon and I'll try to time it with a proper send off at Mosquito.

    The stellar results and pictures are inspiring. I hope to be out representing soon.

  3. Bonktown has a Rocky Mountain Solo Team CXR cross bike availble on sale now for the next 28 minutes if you guys are interested.

    Does FT3 have no legeance? Hmmm. Which jersey should I wear racing.