Monday, January 10, 2011

FT3 Don't FTE

What's wrong with this picture? No MTB Tracks. That's right. FT3 Don't FTE. Ball Don't Lie. FT3 Don't FTE. Yes, come January 11, 2011, a pithy core of FT3 riders once again won't "Fear The Elements" as the group takes on another MTB outing in weather in the 30's. Our good friend Noaa said; and I quote, "Tuesday Night: Rain likely, mainly before 10pm. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 35. Southeast wind between 6 and 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%." He also said their is only a 40% chance Peter will show up.

As with any Tuesday, this is the call out for another FT3 adventure. And, for those of you who missed it or were home waiting for football to come on (does anyone who reads this blog do that?), a pithy core of Cap'n, XTeric, RG, LarZ, and NoHandle took on on the roads of ElDo in the form of FT3 Sunday School. Beginning with the jitters that weren't from the coffee shared by riders courtesy of LarZ at the Bagel shop, we ventured straight up Mosquito and into Apple Hill for a somewhat non-standard Apple Hill loop. While it was 10:00am when we rolled out it felt like 7:30am on a typical day and there was some argument about whether or not the weather was the product of an inversion layer. Apparently the FT3 riders think they know a thing or two about the weather. I, for one, will defer to Noaa, who wasn't on the ride. It turns out we do know a thing or two about the weather. LarZ was right, the sun was shining up the hill a ways, so we enjoyed the clear, cold transition into noon-time upon Ridgeway and through the Hills of Pollock (not to be confused with the Hills of Beverly). The snow on the edge of roadway and ice on the roadway only added to our man egos as we conquered the elements like those on the cover of Colorado Cyclist. Little did we know, we had another thing coming as we began our descent toward the P'villian center of the universe. Just prior to our grand entrance into the dense fog the pace krept up and Jack Frost krept in. Riders were cold, car headlights were on, visibility was low and riding conditions were straight up treacherous. LarZ launched his attack just before the Camino sign and managed to stay away in spite of counter attacks by NoHandle and Cappy. LarZ, here's yer sign. Well, the pithy core lived to fight another day. It was an outing none of us will soon forget.

Ride Like the Wind,


  1. I presume that Cappy intends to ride so "Two".
    I may be pulling a Mosquito roll up tomrrow depending on how jury duty goes. TBD, will check in later maybe by phone.
    Nice recap of the burrrrr ride.

  2. Indeed, I intend to ride, but will be coming from Berkeley. Should be able to make it to the Mosquito lot in time for 5:45 roll out. Otherwise I will be in touch via text. Alas, I will miss the hidden comment field banter.

  3. Pulling a short ride option tonight for a

    Three "ish" call.

    In other news, I have begun work on my memoir. I will not be published, or even looked out for some time, but starting these endeavors is very important. I have selected a title at this point, and feel that that is satisfactory work for the next several decades. So round about 2050 start looking wherever you can find a book then for "Why Does it Always Rain on Tuesday?" words and illustrations by LarZ! Yeah, its a picture book, got a problem with that? This may sound like Peter, but no, its Art!

    I would add more to the ride report, but I didn't see much due to the gloss of ice over the glasses! Yeah, that's a first!

  4. I remain definitely out. After three weeks of longing for a bicycle ride I plan on a little jaunt along the bike trail today. Maybe I'll be ready for a taco roll up next week.

  5. I'm out. I got a late request to present to our VP tomorrow, so I'll be navigating slide decks and traversing through a software demo.

    Way to keep the below zero (celsius) roll outs going.

  6. I just returned from my first recovery ride. I made a couple of runs on Chet's Folly, trying to understand what might have gone wrong.