Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Short ride

In a stunning display of back channel maneuvering yesterday, a coup displaced Cappy's callout for a trip to auburn. Good natured as always, the Cap'n took this in stride and joined the rest of the crew who had selected bikes and attire more appropriate for the new agenda. Councilman stepped off the injured bench and made his first FT3 since knee surgery. After a send off visit from Safety First we undertook a ride that will become legendary for its abject lack of miles, dirt, bad weather, mechanicals or steeps. We did make it for tacos. Apparently our devoted Spotters had missed us in Pollywood, as several of them called ahead to the Knot to announce our progress.
Many grave conversations were had over dinner. On the topic of a regular replacement ride for Pollywood shut-out nights, NoHandle tried to devise a plan. However, he lost any credence when he placed a single taco order and no one listened.
Also, the 24 hour race was discussed. Sadly, Team One will not be able to field a full team and thus forfeited to Team Two. Instead of racing, enthusiasm is building for several summer adventure rides.
Fortunately, the snow should be sufficiently melted for things to get back to normal next week. But, just to be safe, we should all carry chainsaws.


  1. Agreed, it's a most appropriate summary of the important elements of this week's FT3. I appreciate the 'good natured' recognition, although I have to admit it took a bit of effort to shake Peter off my back in the Moquito Lot.

    While Team 1, as it existed in prior years, may not be out there throw'n down, I have to admit I am a racer at heart and have been therefore checking event dates for summer racing. Of particular interest is the 'Leadville Qualifier Lake Tahoe 100k' race on July 10. This might need to be prefaced by an 8 hour race in June. Will I be the lone ranger at these events this summer? Is the FT3 of the future made up of 'cross only' racers?

    I would like to also note that there are three and two man team racing options at 24 hour events! Forfeit be damned!

  2. I would only add my gratitude for such an accomodating pace. As a rehab/recovery ride, it was a nice chance to visit with mates. Good to see all and I hope certain unsavory characters along the route didn't ruin the vibe.

  3. All this team 2 talk has got me excited! What's up with team 1? Who is it that can't make it? Speaking of team 2 we need to talk about who is in. Xteric-Nocar-Councilman-and maybe,just maybe,B? We will definitely talk soon. Is there a Sunday ride going down this weekend? Yes, I still ride a bike every now and then.

  4. WOW! The unusual post from eefulton. i could do a Sunday ride.
    And I'd love to get my hands on the Spot for tuesday. Cap'n has been trying to instigate a bidding war. Typical team I sneaky maneuver.

    Councilman: I certainly don't see how sharing a phone number and offering B a massage could ruin anyone's vibe? Or were you talking about a different character.

  5. I had forgotten about that particular matron. I was thinking more about the elderly gentleman who kindly warned us against further exploration eastward. He seemed offended by our discussion of temperatures and such. Wonder if he doubles as a walmart greeter in the daytime, what with that folksy charm and quick wit..