Monday, April 11, 2011

And, There I was at the Spoke

I was just thinking what a quiet weekend it was for the FT3 Brethren as I was driving into town to visit the Golden Spoke Bike Shop for a new BB bearing and was wondering what the broader group of riders did over the weekend.
While I have no details to report on the following incident, it should certainly raise some eyebrows and wonder.

While standing in the back work shop, an odd site kept catching my eye. After the 3rd glance at it I noticed it was a fork that I recognized. Now that in itself is not too odd, but what was odd was why was this fork sitting there with its wheel still attached. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the steer tube was a bit jagged, in fact sheered off is a better word to describe it. I am glad to report (2nd or maybe 3rd hand) that yes, the steer tube did sheer off but that this occurred while going up hill. Now, when I tell you the fork was a rigid one, belonging to a blue cross bike you probably don't need any more info to know who it belongs to. I'll add that few bikes under go more torque than a single speed crosser while being muscled up-hill and who do you know that has a pretty new cross bike, that is a single speed (for that matter a single wheeled one at the moment) and blue.

Ride Report:
In back channel effort, Cappy and Green Fro dragged my tail up Bayne Rd. yesterday for gentleman's afternoon outing. We met up at the bagel shop, dropped 49/Gold Hill/Cold Springs to Coloma, then up Bayne and then UP Shoe Fly then UP another road before going up another road and arriving at Gree Fro's house where we met our wives and family for a family outing and BBQ. We may have watched some of Paris-Roubaix race but have no idea who won.

Bike Shop News: Apparently the spoke has their own B as well. They now have two mechanics there w/the same first name,so it seems they have been name as YouKnowWho "A" and YouKnowWho "B". Spoke B has expressed some interest in riding and has "spotted" us a few times as a local Polly Wood resident. He reports that the trails are in good shape except for the downed trees.

Who is in?

**Names of individuals and detailed directions to anyone's home have bee left out to protect the innocent


  1. I saw B's decapitated crosser when i took the Spot in for repairs. (Xteric you'll be hearing from my lawyers: Savage, Throttle and Pound)

    The wife and I started training for adventure rides this weekend. In anticipation of a short and steep tour planned for the end of the month we thought we'd warm up with a romantic excursion to Ione. Starting in Diamond Springs we took the trail from Forni to Greenstone, then French roads to S Shingle. But instead of turning onto Latrobe we stayed on Shingle where it turns to dirt. After some comedic meetings with kids shooting guns, deep water crossings and a Sac Co sheriff we made it to 16. A little further west then turned S on Dillard to Meiss, more dirt, then Carbondale to Ione Rd. We stayed at the Ione hotel, which was lots of fun until we tried to get some sleep. That place is Noisy. Our return route was mostly the same, except we took Irish Hill and Michigan Bar. It was a fantastic route, with no bad road sections. It would be a worthy day ride.

  2. Nice work on the weekend outing NoCar, impressive, fearless. I like your "training". B, I may have an old twisty shifter if you are still in the need. Who is it for, we know you don't use gears.

  3. THREE

    Looks like a lean crew tonight. I predict unusually good conditions. Seems like the turnout is often small when the trails are their best.

  4. Crazy how the die hard come out for the cold and wet nights. I for one am looking forward to some great trail riding.

  5. Die Hard, #4, in like flynn. If a spotter says there was a 1 speed FT3 sighting at lunch, it was me. Indeed, double dipping today. Looking forward to seconds.

  6. These good conditions don't scare me.

  7. [Via back channel communications]

    Xteric: "I am in"