Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rock Blocked

Rock God tapped his watch, interrupting Cap'n's new bicycle discussion. We hopped in his truck and left Cap'n and B in the Mosquito Lot, knowing we would see B later at tacos.
Confusion turned to horror as we tried to park at the Knot Lot. EID hasn't blocked the entrance, but they have outlined a 13' wide lane between Sly Park Rd and the gate at the back of the Lot. We parked in the RV sites at the Knot Hole proper. Not so good for changing, hydrating, relieving, etc...
The next surprise was the appearance of a new applicant. [taco handle not confirmed] knew of FT3 from his affiliation with the Spoke.
So, we headed for the Qualifier. [T2?] dug deep to maintain a qualifying pace. Ride Leader Lars rewarded his efforts with additional climbing to the radio tower. (always wily, that ride leader Lars) After angering an old woman who was parked along the side of Park Creek by "scaring away the deer" we made the fast power line descent. Upon Bambi's prompting we picked up the new Boy Scout Camp loop and then dropped to the lake. When questioned if he was ready for a lake loop and more climbing [Spokey?] gave the hard man answer that he isn't one to quit.
Standing at the base of the lip, we couldn't help but notice the piles of downed trees. Stomachs growling and [TB?] showing signs of strain, we just rolled the rest of the lake. Of course, changing in front of the Knot Hole was not as much fun. And rolling on our bikes the thirty feet to the door felt silly.
Without a confirmed Handle, the merciless Taco Bitty dubbed our newest rider "Stinky", and he appeared somewhat nonplussed by the many by-laws involved in ordering food.
A little late (apparently B rides slower with one hand) B, Xteric and Councilman made a colorful entrance. They crushed their tacos as the PBR gods served up a couple aces.
Xteric and B chose to ride back to Placerville. Speculation ensued, "would they be drawn, like moths to a flame, by the glittering lights of the Pine Lodge?"; "Will NoHandle ever abandon the leafy new love nest he's building for Peter and ride with us?"

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  1. That was a thoroughly enjoyable RR, NoCar. It is a pity that I had to look up nonplussed, and it is also a pity that a governmental entity has resorted to fascism at the Sly Park Resort.