Tuesday, January 24, 2012



  1. Great Post B. You really captured the energy of the last ride and weekend weather. Glad at least "TWO" of us are down to ride tonight.

    I think the ground should be free of snow in most places from my simplistic researching.

  2. Glad to here of snow. Mostly dry here as well. Made it up to higher elevation last weekend. Sussed out some trails. Working on some wheels. Will post when io vado in bicicleta.

    Nice job on the Winter KWalifier. Sorry to miss that one. What's next?

    Ciao tutti!

  3. Wow, nice to hear from Europe, was wondering if they have internet in that over extended country threatening to drag down the Eurozone and whole global economy. Glad you found some connection.
    Send some pics along.

  4. I'm going to watch State of Union, DVR on fritz. Our President is flying to AZ after speech for Wednesday visit to Intel plant in Arizona. Showcasing high tech job creation in America.

    Also, Debbie's birthday is this week, bolstering DTI.

    Ski report?