Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Last Tuesday's ride featured epic trail conditions, a ride of the minute that actually didn't involve any riding at all, amazing over the bars acrobatics, major trail side bike deconstruction leaving a bike without a chain and rear brake pads, an attempted tow, and a couple miles of riding.  If you missed it, you're probably pretty hungry because you also missed out on your Tacos.

Speaking of tacos, it's Tuesday again!  And not any Tuesday - this is the revered single speed Tuesday!  Most of you have a one (or two) gear bike, time to bring 'em out.  Tonight will also feature a full moon, a lunar eclipse, and Draconid meteor shower.  Will trail conditions still be holding in the 'fair' range, or has the moon dust returned?  Will FT3 long ride into the night to catch a glimpse of the blood moon?  Time will tell...



  1. Definitely a stirring callout.

    THREE! And I am still IN for a 5pm pickup and pre-ride.

  2. 3.5!
    I will be joining later @8:30. Need to drink beers at the brick oven pub then a fourth grade class meeting till 7:30. Will see you on the trail somewhere. I brought my running shoes just in case.

  3. B isn't meeting at Mosquito Lot.