Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ride Report and *Official* HoBo Ride Callout

First: The HoBo Callout:

The Fall 2014 Edition of the legendary HoBo/ElDorOdyssey ride will go down this Saturday November 29th. Departure time is 1:30pm at the Mosquito Lot in Pville. Let us know if you are in for all or some of this ride in the HCF below so we have an accurate headcount. Bring lights lots of clothes and money, and one of these. 

I won't project any arrival times, but feel free to work directly with me to coordinate any potential/partial ride options, Green Fro, Unknown Local, B and Newb. 

Newb intends to jump on the train in EDH and ride up with us. B may do the same. We should be there some time in the evening. 

Rain Delay: In the event of pouring rain on Saturday at 1:30pm, we will push back the start time to 5:00pm and will do and out and back on the railroad corridor. The HCF below will be the place for that discussion. 

A bunch of turkeys gathered in the Knott lot last night for a bike ride in the Pollywood Hills. 

The ride leader selected a fine route that took us to 'where the hell are we' and back. We rode the fireroads in tight groups, like a flock of 9 turkeys. After all, this was the homecoming of B from his recent work-related hiatus and I from a school-related hiatus. The ride was fab, all agreed - traction was primo and we had a blast. There was much banter, some bumping elbows and some timely puddle splashing and a serious bit of hard riding. It was in fact determine that "mountain biking is damn hard."

Upon return we were met by the long lost Councilman, who, fresh of a challenging ride on the El Dorado Trail, generously provided the evenings fare, and we all gave thanks to him and recalled 'the incident' and our lack of respect for the one named "Bobby."

Viva La FT3, Happy Thanksgiving. 

In for HoBo Ride - ONE!


  1. 2! Ready to ride dirt, pavement and rails!

  2. I'm glad to see a few hobos still live in El Do Co.

    "...took us to where the hell are we and back."