Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Back in Black

New kit design draft is done, pricing and order sheet will be available at the Taco Table.  With the closing of The Spoke and the eminent departure of Our Dear Ride Leader I figured a symbolic gesture was in order.  Small graphic adds or replacements will be up for discussion, must be present for a vote.

We will start the sizing and quantity scramble this evening. 



  1. 3!

    I didn't expect black, that will be a big change up. They look great. Are they the same sizing as the last order?

  2. At this rate we may not be able to meet our minimum order.

    1. I know; I anticipated a little better response to my rare call out and lure.

  3. I will get a bib and a jersey. I will also ride.


  4. I'm out tonight but I'll order a large jersey and two bibs also large. Thanks for putting the order together Rockgod and thank the Rockgoddess for her design work.

  5. Awesome job on the prep work RG. Love the black, sick!
    Sorry I am out this week. I will be ordering one L Jersey and two of the panty-things but not sure on size and style yet. Count me "In" for sumpin fo show.

  6. Out of town, but in for a jersey and at least one bibby.

  7. RG: Order me a top and a bottom, both XL. Finally getting on board with the taco kit!

    partial credit

  8. Need a bib and jersey. How's the sizing ? Who do I pay?

  9. Well I will try a large bib and medium jersey. Advise on the amount and who I make a check out to

  10. One of each for me, Medium.

    I've moved the family from Pville to Shingle and am coming up for my 2nd ride tonight.