Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Message From Jimmy Boy

Last night was another showcase of the diversity of the FT3 experience. First off, back from the grave, Zombie Bambi is now as regular as a bran muffin muncher. Adding to the evening's novelty was riding almost 100% asphalt. No dust, with a solid 30 miles was great TS 95 prep. Especially in light of the following email sent by our boy Jimmy Boy.

Back out on the trails again today. Just so you all know its very dry out there. Lots of dust!! Two logging operations going on. One small section is really bad. I was told that they were going to done before had th event, but not the case. After leaving Dusty Corners you will head on short 3 mile section which is mainly up hill. Its about 3 miles of dusty hell.

 There will lube at all the aid stations.If it was me I would bring my own small bottle just in case. Dont forget if you want to drop clothes off at the first aid station abut mile 17-18 you can pick them up on your way back. For riders that may be out past 5:30 you will need them. We are in the Tahoe Sierras and its been getting a bit cold in the evening. If your going to be out there past 5:30 bring your light!! Bring air, bike tool, lube, extra tubes.

 Again there is no race check in morning of the event. There is really not much time for me morning of the event at 5:30. There is set of Railroad tracks at the begining of the event about 1/2 mile from our start. Be smart!! Its should be a problem just dont try to run if a train is coming. Rememebr the fist few miles is on pavemnt. When you reach the dirt road be careful as cars and trucks may be on the road.

Allot of riders lose there water bottles on this road so crank them down.My porta toilet company has just informed me that his truck broke down last night so I may not be able to toliets at the start. I will do my best.

 Try and go before you get there. Remember this all the turns on the course are marked with chaulk, arrows and yellow ribbions. NEVER TURN intill you see the arrows, chaulk and ribbions. We send out a moto rider before the event to check and make sure nothing has been moved.

 If a rider needs help or is hurt get his name or number and lets us know at the aid stations as soon as you get there.


  1. Good luck is right! there's general life info in this... "Its should be a problem just dont try to run if a train is coming," "try and go before you get there," and (my favorite) "NEVER TURN intill you see the arrows, chaulk and ribbions." Go get em FT3!