Tuesday, July 5, 2016


The return of Lars Over the Bars warranted celebration, and last Tuesday's pre-ride party was a good one. The temperatures dropped with the setting sun, and Cappy kept us on less-used trails so the dust wasn't bad.
For Lar's sake, we avoided Nap Time.

The after-swim was heavenly, B finished his last ride beer while lounging in the cool waters.


Edits below by B

Silver Lake Update - I headed up MET for a late day roll in the high ground yesterday.  I parked at Mud Lake TH and looped Long Valley to Squaw Ridge to Granite Lake to Minkalo, then back to the car after a stop at FT3 high country way station, Plasse's.  

There were a few lingering snow patches but all were tiny.  Blowdon is not too bad this year.  I found two sweet new unmapped trails near Long Valley/Allen Camp/Squaw Ridge.  They open up some good loop and connection options out there.  

FTSki Update - Buttons and I just enjoyed a fine Sunday on Shasta.  We skied the Hotlum Glacier from the Brewer Creek TH on the NE side of the big stratovolcano.  We put in 7K to reach the summit by 11am.  We were rewarded with a continuous 6K ski descent, not bad for July.  The steep turns along Hotlum Headwall were $.


  1. I'm in this week - and sure hope to keep it that way.

  2. The count stands @ 3. Thanks for initiating the call out, nocar. I just added a few pics and reports.

    1. Those shasta photos are amazing

    2. Sick photos. We need more FT3 names on that ledger.

    3. Glad you picked up on that THTH

    4. I had a few taco handles in mind when crafting the ledger, yours among them. I mean, haven't you been staring at that thing long enough by now?

    5. Out. Work in riverside county this week.

    6. B, I am closer now than ever, but only by account of gear purchased, but as yet unused. Moving in the right direction. It is on my bucket list as you know.

  3. Great Adventures b on the FT3 front this week, staking out a true independence day spirit. FT3 logged a couple road rides this weekend as well, one with a team effort KOM.

    Unfortunately, I picked up a mild summer bug and will only be cheerleading from the couch tonight.

  4. I'm in with spirit. However, my true in-ness depends on DTI and spousal approval.

  5. In
    4 or 5 depending on Newb. Great photos B!