Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Vanishing Resources

Political powers and popular opinion are conspiring to eliminate two thing most prized by FT3: mountain biking trails and Jim Beam rye.

We learned about the end of rye at the Taco Table last night. Mother Rye repeated what her distributor told her, Jim Beam's no longer making it. A little bit of web research suggests that they are reformulating their recipe and offering "Pre-prohibition style rye" which is spiced (?!?), aged in new charred white oak, and boasts a stronger proof. How will FT3 handle the loss of the third item in the taco order? Green Fro responded by ordering a round for the table.

A singularly beautiful corner of the high sierra has been acquired by a land trust with the understanding that it will be declared wilderness in one of the last executive actions undertaken by Pres. Obama. That means a super sweet mountain bike loop will become illegal. What can FT3 do about this? Ride it.

The loop is not a long ride. Pushing a tad over twenty miles with short, scenic detours to Wabena Point and the divide above Granite Chief. The route starts with the big climb at mile~65 in last years TS100, then turns onto sweet single track, and finishes on abandoned forest roads. Early saturday morning meet up and we're home by early saturday evening. It takes about 2 hours to drive out to French Meadows Reservoir.  

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