Monday, January 30, 2017

Tyranny of the Majority

The FT3 Select Committee on Snow Riding met Sunday night to discuss Pollywood conditions. They concluded that the lingering snow pack would prohibit any meaningful mountain bike riding.

Which leaves us open for another FTSki. We have been making considerable gains, both in form and gear familiarity, so there is definite value in continuing our training. However, FT3 has also defaulted to a Tour de Steeps ride in such circumstances. Since some dislike skiing, it is fair to consider that alternative. As I see it, the debate hinges on prioritizing riding or dinner. So, we'll vote. If you're IN, what do you want to do?

One, ski


  1. As usual, ski rentals are free on Tuesday @ happy hour! Here is what is still in stock:

    179 Fischer Boundless Crowns with Scarpa T2X boots (This is the legendary setup that XT honed his now pro-level tele skillz on)

    180 Voile Vector BCs with Crispi Shiver NTN boots (though a bit chunky for pushing around Pollywood, by far the most control of anything in the rental quiver - when we hit the steeps these sticks will be ready - Shasta proven, repeatedly)

    200-something old skool XC misery stix with classic three-pin soft boots. (Fro skis this setup so soulfully it is like he was born in it)

    200-something old skool XC misery stix with Solomon bindings and boots floppier than your oldest pair of bedroom slippers (super suitable for anything rolling, and terrifyingly fun when the descents get a bit steep)

    Skate Ski setup if Pollywood happens to be groomed.

    Buttons has some sweet scaled skis suitable for the evening (I saw pictures). I just mounted some sweet new metal edged, scaled touring skis for nocar, so he is dialed with his own gear, too.

    Councilman - I have seen your garage. Hanging therein are a few pairs of boards perfect for the occasion.

    So Cappy will have like 5 pairs of boots tonight to exchange, with no fees!

    Newb, I felt your pain pushing around with skins on last week for the whole tour, even the descents. We can get you on something speedier this evening.

    I've even got a pair of snowshoes if Peter shows.

  2. (and the recently added picture? - Buttons getting warmed up early for FTSki by pointing it down some chute at KW on Sunday)

  3. can FT3 count higher than three today?

  4. Well shit. I had hopes that Pollywood would be ride able as opposed to slide able. Sounds like I am already outvoted on the Tour of Pville Steeps front, damn. I may just go ride with Peter.

    1. Embrace the snow, Cappy. You are a good skier.

  5. via backchannels - XT is out tonight, Fro is IN